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 Beauties for Bloggin Monthly Challenge

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PostSubject: Beauties for Bloggin Monthly Challenge   Beauties for Bloggin Monthly Challenge EmptyMon Mar 23, 2009 9:49 am

Hello all you beautiful people out there in bloggin land! We want to wish each of you a Happy Spring Day and issue our First Monthly Challenge. Our Monthly challenges are open to everyone who reads our blog. You do not have to be a member of our eBay group or community. ALTHOUGH we would love for you to join either or both of them. (Notes at the bottom will explain how to sign up for our groups.)

This Challenge starts today March 23 and will end on April 23. Pictures will be posted in our blog and we will set up a poll for folks to pick their favorite creation. One entry per person. You need to send a picture of your challenge entry along with your name and email address (eBay id too if you sell on eBay) to

What is our Theme This Month:?
We want YOU to create something that shows off YOUR Country. It can be in any medium but please remember to keep it family friendly.
If you have any questions or suggestions just shoot them to

How to join our eBay Group:If you are interested in joining our eBay group you can simply email your eBay id to the above email list with a request to join our group.
Charter for "Age *Before* Beauty"
This group was formed to create a friendly gathering of ideas, support, and information. It is meant to be a helpful tool for both buyers and sellers alike.

How to join our Off eBay Community:
All you need to do is head over to
Register and post away.
Make sure to add your profile and siggies AND birthdays.
There are lots of topics so come over and lets get to chatting.
It is a great home where we can advertise all our business on eBay and off. We can help each other out with tutorials, free patterns and talking about how to advertise. We would love to have you join us!

Don't forget to work on your Monthly Challenge for our Blog: Show off YOUR COUNTRY in a unique creation straight from your heart!
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Beauties for Bloggin Monthly Challenge
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